carer’s feedback

We would like to thank you for giving David  the opportunity to have a look around the Beccles workshop and for the kind offer of a six-week trial at the electrical and woodwork ‘workshop’ to see how he would like it.

David has had a difficult few years, not been in school since December 2014 and the last couple of years have been particularly challenging for him, made worse still as the training programme originally put forward and approved by Suffolk County Council, was scrapped at the last minute, this being one of a few programmes for him that have either come to an end prematurely due to funding, or like the last one have just not gone ahead. 

As you know David has Asperger’s, ADD, can suffer from low moods and severe anxiety in certain situations, he can go weeks and months without leaving the house unless absolutely necessary.  This was made worse following his diagnosis of Type One diabetes for which he now relies on insulin for.  After seemingly going around in circles trying to get Dominic the right help and support, I contacted you after coming across your workshops online. 

It was an absolute pleasure to speak with you and then meet you and all the others at Asperger’s East in Beccles.  The offer of the trial was a blessing, David although anxious about what to expect, is thoroughly enjoying the time he spends at the workshops with Chris and Tim and it is wonderful to pick him up and hear about his day and what he has learnt.

David struggles with his sleeping, prior to attending the workshops he has struggled with low moods, motivation and despite encouragement would only leave the house if absolutely necessary.  He has now attended six workshops and what a positive change it has been! 

David now has a sense of purpose to his week, something he can do ‘on his own’ where he can socialise with others, but in an environment, he feels comfortable in.  He has started to adopt a better routine to his week, his sleeping has started to improve and he is enjoying learning new skills and talking about his day.  Attending the workshops has also led to an increase in his confidence when out of the house and although anxieties around being out are still present, he is now familiarising himself with the area and after being dropped off at a nearby car park, he is confident enough to make his own way to the workshops and back again when being picked up.  The Workshop sessions starting and finishing when they do also mean that David is now up and out of the house early, the routine of having to attend somewhere every week is already having a positive effect and although he does find the day tiring, (other than with family, he has never been out of the house that long before!) he finds his time there enjoyable and looks forward to the next session. 

So far David’s time at the workshops have been a positive one for him and our family and we are certain that this type of environment is exactly the kind of place that he needs and will continue to thrive in.

Thank you.

Mrs & Mrs G 


The carers meetings have been extremely beneficial.  They enable people in a similar situation to meet up and get support.  During the Pandemic the meetings on Zoom enabled us to meet up and support ourselves and the people we care for.  People on the Spectrum can be very challenging so by meeting up with one another means you are not so alone.

Thank you DW  


The carers groups, both zoom and in person are the only way to keep in touch with others in the same position. This is very important as carers feel very isolated, such is the lack of understanding generally. We are able to exchange experiences and support each other so we don’t feel so alone and also make new friendships. It was through the carers meetings that I and Dorothy met about eight years ago and we have become close friends. 

The groups are a good forum to share information about how to deal with the DWP, problems with the NHS etc.   



I very much appreciate the support of the carers group and think it’s invaluable. It is hard dealing and supporting someone who has Autism and it’s great to know that there is a platform where carers can talk and support each other if needed. It’s a lifeline. I also want to thank Thecla for her hard work in supporting the carers like this . I have been offered support by Thecla and this has now started to make a difference with my son so I hope that the carers group continues to run. My son also appreciates the support provided by the Asperger group as well.



Dear Thecla,

I am embarrassed to realize I haven’t thanked you properly for the massive support you gave Bruce when I collapsed and had to have a week away to get my strength back, in July last.  It made a huge difference knowing that Bruce, knew you and was completely confident in your company.  That you travelled all the way from Beccles to Sheringham to be with him, and that you thought up such fun and interesting things to do is impressive.  He still beams all over his face when I remind him of it.  I am deeply grateful and the week away from all stress was so very helpful.  There is nowhere else that I could have turned to.  I hope to return the favour some time. Thank you so much,   Dorothy

I would like to let you know how important the Zoom meetings have been to me during covid.

There is no help from anywhere else,  and my son and I would be completely abandoned without Asperger East Anglia.  They kept me going!