Thecla Fellas (CEO)

Thecla says “I have been employed by AEA since September 2009.  Prior to this, I worked as a mental health manager for another local provider that helped people with mental health issues enter employment.  I have always felt a calling to help people reach their potential and passionately believe that independence is the key to opening up many life opportunities. I feel inspired by those who want to help themselves despite their disability and working with people with Asperger syndrome has allowed me the opportunity to be creative across all projects which the charity provides and to help those who want to be helped. Seeking, securing and sustaining employment is quite a challenge for those with autism so with my past experience of employment support and looking at ways in which the charity can be self sustainable, the Beccles Employment and Training Project was created.  The project houses our workshops which provide a positive work experience for those we support while raising an income from the sales of refurbished donated goods. This Beccles project has thrived since 2014 with the help of people with autism, each workshop having grown from a micro business into a very successful small enterprise of which I am extremely proud.”

AEA has trustees from a range of backgrounds: listed here in alphabetical order

Norman Angus is a graduate engineer with around 30 years experience in the construction and production industries, rising to management positions, before retiring. He has been a trustee of the charity for over 10 years and have seen the charity develop into a very effective organisation.

Jeremy Elliott Jerry is the current Chair of AEA.  He is semi-retired having worked in oil and gas finance with Amoco and then BP for 37 years. He joined AEA in 2007 as Treasurer. He has no direct connection with AS or Autism but has come to learn that our support for our client group, their families and carers is invaluable.

Andrew Good Andrew is the Centre Manager of the Charing Cross Centre in Norwich where AEA is based.For 29 years he worked as an Anglican priest. He ran a Retreat Centre before his current post. He has lived in Norfolk since 1991.

Fiona Hare

Peter Langdon (Professor) Peter is an Honorary Consultant Clinical and Forensic Psychologist and University Professor who works with people with autism within both research and clinical settings

Mary Laxton (MA, PGCE)

Elizabeth Lund (BSc, PhD) A founding member of the Board of Trustees of the then Asperger Norfolk.

Ekkehart Staufenberg (MD) Ekkehart works as a neuropsychiatrist in the NHS. He has a clinical, research and personal interest in autism.

Jo Watts As a qualified chartered accountant she has chosen to use her financial background to help a small charity like AEA